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Virtual Labs Regional Center and Nodal Center


Virtual Labs is a project initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT).

Good lab facilities and updated lab experiments are critical for any engineering college. Physical distances and the lack of resources often make it difficult to perform experiments, especially when they involve sophisticated instruments. Also, good teachers are always a scarce resource. The ‘Virtual Labs’ project addresses this issue of lack of good lab facilities, as well as trained teachers, by making remote experimentation possible. With the present day internet and computer technologies, these limitations no longer hamper students and researchers in enhancing their skills and knowledge. Also, in a country such as ours, lab resources need to be shared with fellow researchers to the extent possible. Yet another objective is to arouse the curiosity of the students and permit them to learn at their own pace. This facilitates the absorption of basic and advanced concepts through simulation and remote experimentation. Internet based experimentation further permits use of resources – knowledge, software, and data available on the web, apart from encouraging skillful experiments being simultaneously performed at points separated in space

Maharashtra Institute of Technology has set up Nodal Center and Received designation of Regional Center among IIT Bombay’s Virtual Labs Initiative. 

Specifically, the Virtual Labs project addresses the following:

  • Access to quality labs to those engineering colleges that lack these lab facilities.
  • Access to quality labs as a complementary facility to those colleges that already have labs.
  • A complete Learning management System around these labs.
  • Teacher‐training and skill‐set augmentation through workshops and on‐site training.


Regional Center (RCID-03)

Maharashtra Institute of Technology being among Active Nodal Centers was recognized among India’s ‘Third’  regional center, under IIT Bombay Vlabs. 

The Regional Center is working towards the outreach of Virtual Lab Usage in Marathwada region. 

Regional Centre was set up in July 2017, RCID 03 with:

Regional  Coordinator:  Dr Abhilasha Mishra

Regional Technical Coordinator:  Dr Smita Kasar

Nodal Coordinator: Ms. Preeti Mishra

And Currently: 

Regional  Coordinator:  Dr Abhilasha Mishra

Regional Technical Coordinator:  Dr Prashant Gupta

Nodal Coordinator: Mr. Trishul Kulkarni

Nodal Technical Coordinator: Mr. B. Rajaguru

Nodal Center (NCID-45)

Maharashtra Institute of Technology had set up Virtual Labs Nodal Center  in July 2016  ,  NCID 45

Nodal Coordinator: Dr Abhilasha Mishra

And Currently

Nodal Coordinator: Mr. Trishul Kulkarni

Nodal Technical Coordinator: Mr. B. Rajaguru

Vlabs Regional Center and Nodal Center

Achievements & Activities

Organized Virtual Lab Bootcamp 3.0

The Institute Organized BootCamp in association with IIT Bombay & MIT(T&E), 6th to 11th Feb 2019

First BootCamp of Marathwada Region

Labs Developed in MIT_ BootCamp are 16 and it is hosted by IIT Bombay Portal:

8 labs are developed by Participant Team from Boot Camp & 8 Labs are developed by MIT Teams

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Institute designated as India’s Third Regional Centre of Virtual Lab. 

Recognised as Shining Nodal Centre under IIT Bombay Region. 


Vlabs on IIB Portal & National Portal

List of Labs Developed by Maharashtra Institute of Technology & Hosted at IITB Portal:

1) Computer Networks lab: (by Ms. Madhu Jaiswal,CSE,MIT(P) & Dr. Abhilasha Mishra,E&TC,MIT(T)) 

1. Computer Networks lab 1: Fabrication of Cables 

2. Computer Networks lab 2: Peer to Peer Topology 

3. Computer Networks lab 3: Star Topology 

4. Computer Networks lab 4: IPv4 Addressing

5. Computer Networks lab 5: IPv4 Subnetting

6. Computer Networks lab 6: Windows File Sharing

2) Engineering Physics: (by Dr. Bhagwan Toksha, BSH)

The aim of the experiment is to determine wavelength of light and refractive index using Newton’s ring experiment.

3) Signals & Systems lab: (by Dr Abhilasha Mishra, E&TC)

To represent discrete time signal and perform basic mathematical operations on DTS 

4) Machine Tools: (by Mr. Trishul Kulkarni, MED)

This experiment aims at estimating the cutting tool life and study the effect of various machining parameters (Cutting speed, tool material and work piece material ) on tool life in turning process. 

5) Polymer Processing Technology: (by Dr. Prashant Gupta, PPE)

To study the construction and working of compression molding.

6) Theory of Machine: (by Mr. Santosh Kulkarni, MED)

To balance a system of masses revolving in a plane on a rotating shaft. 

7) Software Engineering: (by Ms. Sushma Deshmukh, CSE)

Select the appropriate software process model for the given scenario.

8) Power electronics: (by Mr. Rajaguru, EED)

To analyze the variations of pulsating dc output voltage waveform of R & L load for half wave uncontrolled rectifier. 

9) Polychem Lab: (by Ms. Pallavi Shindikar, PPE)

To determine local heat transfer coefficient for vertical tube losing heat by natural convection. 


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BootCamp 2019

IIT Bombay Portal

Team MIT



BootCamp 2019

IIT Bombay Portal

Participant Teams

Total: 14  Virtual Labs Developed by MIT Teams &  8  Virtual Labs Developed by Participant Teams of BootCamp2019
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Achievements in V labs


VLabs Nodal Centre in July 2016  ,  NCID 45,

Nodal Coordinator: Dr Abhilasha Mishra


Regional Centre in July 2017, RCID 03

Nodal Coordinator: Ms. Preeti Mishra, Regional Technical Coordinator:  Dr Smita Kasar, Regional  Coordinator:  Dr Abhilasha Mishra


Organized BootCamp in association with IIT Bombay & MIT(T&E),

6th to 11th Feb 2019, First BootCamp of Marathwada Region


7 Reviewers/ Resource Persons Selected by IIT Bombay from MIT(T)


14 Vlabs Developed by Team MIT


16 V Labs developed in BootCamp at MIT


IPT of TY CSE Student at Vlabs IIT, Bombay


5 Resource Persons from MIT(T) in first Bootathon 2019 of the nation.