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Plastic & Polymer Engineering

Polymer Engineering uses the theory and knowledge of Chemical Engineering/Technology to solve various problems involving the production and use of polymers. Polymer engineers use the principles of plant design, process design, thermodynamics, and transport phenomena to develop new products. Polymer engineers also supervise the production process of plastic and other polymers. Under their supervision, plastic molders and technicians carry out the shop floor manufacturing processes. In recent times, polymer has become the most rapidly growing sector of the materials industry. As polymer production has grown, so has the number of people who work in this field. It has been estimated that about 50 percent of the chemical engineers and chemists in the United States work in the polymer industry. Furthermore, in India the demand of polymer engineers is increasing with opening of more and more new polymer industries.

The Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering (PPE) is one of the prestigious departments in the institution and currently having one Undergraduate Programme. The department possesses dedicated staff and well developed laboratories with modern sophisticated instruments

From HOD's Desk

Welcome to the Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering. This Department was established in the year of 2001 to meet the ever increasing demand of polymer technologists. The career scope of polymer engineering includes various posts in polymer industries, academic research institutions and national laboratories. The department not only endeavours for excellence but also enhances the absolute knowledge, power of analysis and problem solving aptitudes through students. With the help of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties, the department aims to enrich the students with strong foundation in polymer engineering and its applications which in turn will help them to find placement in the job market and also equip them for further higher studies and independent research. In matters of teaching, research & development, the department has always tried to strike a balance between design and experiments on one hand, and theory and computational aspects on the other. In addition, our department is also bestowed with “MIT-Centre for Industry Relevance in Polymer Science and Technology (M-CIP)” centre especially for plastic processing and allied works. This provides direct exposure for the students to plastic industries. It is also noteworthy to mention that the department possesses sophisticated laboratories equipped with state of the art instruments in both processing and characterization with a clear focus on modern teaching and learning as well as research and innovation.

Our alumni are spread all over the world and shine and excel in various fields of polymer technology. Study in this area not only defines your carrier as polymer engineer but also establish a defined personality with a scientific outlook and problem solving aptitude into you.

Wish you Good Luck and All the Best!

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  • Vision

    Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering aspires to achieve excellence by imparting education and training to develop young technocrats as multidimensional personalities for the service of mankind.


    To impart quality education to the aspiring students for fulfilling technological and societal needs by providing:

    •   State of–the-art infrastructural facilities and competent faculties.
    •   Practical training to face challenges of modern plastic and polymer industries
    Program Educational Objectives
    •   Graduates will have technical skills for the corporate world in the areas of materials, processing, design, quality and R & D using their knowledge of       science and core engineering courses
    •   Graduates will have strong communication skills and personality development etiquettes with a lifelong learning attitude
    •   Graduates will have professional work ethics and responsibility for personal & professional growth.
    •   Graduates will have the ability to conscious on the issues of social concern through a meaningful linkage with the society
    Program outcomes

    After successful completion of the four year program, graduates will be able to :

    •   PO 1 : Apply the knowledge of computing, mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals appropriate to polymer engineering.
    •   PO 2 : Identify, formulate and solve polymer engineering problems using principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences.
    •   PO 3 : Design system components or processes to meet desired economic, environmental and societal needs.
    •   PO 4 : Design and conduct experiments, characterize polymers as well as to analyze and interpret data.
    •   PO 5 : Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools to engineering activities.
    •   PO 6 : Acquire broad education necessary to carry out research activities and to understand the impact of Polymer Engineering solutions on global,      economical, environmental and societal context.
    •   PO 7 : Understand the impact of the polymer engineering solutions in societal and environmental context for sustainable development.
    •   PO 8 : Cope up with professional, ethical issues and responsibilities.
    •   PO 9 : Function effectively, individually and in multidisciplinary teams to accomplish common goals with leadership qualities.
    •   PO 10 : Communicate effectively with written, oral and visual means.
    •   PO 11 : Implement engineering & management principles applicable for one’s own work or a team.
    •   PO 12 : Engage in continuing professional development to establish recognition lifelong.
    Career Prospects

    Plastic engineers or plastic technologists can work in various public sector companies like ONGC, IOC, GAIL, HPL RIL and various Polymer Corporation, Petrochemical Research Laboratories and National Chemical Research Laboratories such as CSIR, DRDO, ICAR etc. at different scientific and technical positions. Apart from this, they can work in various private companies related to large petrochemical engineering plants and plastic commodity. Furthermore, due to versatility of its use, polymer technologists work in plastics, rubber, fiber and allied industries that manufacture goods, ranging from food packaging, domestic appliances, agriculture, electronics, transportation, furniture, building and construction, medical, automotive, aerospace, surface coating, adhesives, pharmaceutical and a lot more. The major areas of work in polymer can be :

    • Research and Application Development : There long term aim of research in polymers is to increase knowledge of the properties and structure of existing polymers and to develop polymers and compounds with new properties, also carrying out research in mold and product design for the development of new products and optimization of processing conditions as per machine tools. Polymer technologists working in R & D departments are responsible for running projects. They implement the most appropriate approach to any technical problem, supervise laboratory staff, improve current products and try to extend the range of use of polymer materials by exploring market via new applications.
    • Production : Polymer technologists working in production, try to improve the production process and sort out any problems. They may think about new materials and machinery that could be used. They find out if these would reduce costs, increase productivity or improve the quality of the final product.
    • Technical Services : Polymer technologists in technical service departments respond to customer requests for polymer materials with specific qualities, such as extra strength or impact resistance.
    • Quality Control : Technologists working in process control departments make sure that the quality of raw materials and finished products is maintained. They may supervise technicians or perform some quality tests themselves. They also check that test equipment is up to standard.
    • Technical Marketing and Sales : They serve as the key point of contact for customers for answering technical queries, providing technical advice and introducing new products. They are responsible for revenue generation for the company by selling the products which are manufactured in the company.
    • A total of 61 research/review paper publications (national/international) from the faculties in the department in the last 5 years of which 42 are published in journals of international database with highest impact factor of 6.459 and a highest citation index of 211.
    • Dr. A.D. Asthaputre , One patent filed no: 2192/MUM/2014 “Recycling of PET bottles to fill Pot holes on Road.
    • Dr. A. C. Chatterjee, “Biosurfactant functionalized biodegradable filler and polymer composite derived therefrom” Application No. 2725/MUM/2014, patent published online.
    • Dr. A. C. Chatterjee, “Biodegradable masterbatches and compositions thereof” Application No. 2726/MUM/2014, patent published online.
    • Dr. A. C. Chatterjee, “A Process for Synthesis of Polymer Latex Nanoparticles by Monomer Atomization in Microemulsion” Application No: 566/MUM/2009, patent filed.
    • Dr. S. Bhandari, “Synergistic Combination of Dual Dopants for Improved Electrical Conductivity In Conducting Polymer” Application No 987/KOL/2013, patent filed.
    • Dr. A. Chatterjee, recipient of DST young scientist 2013-14 award.
    • Dr. A. Chatterjee, recipient of Excellence award for Quality in 2012-13 and 2013-14.
    • Dr. Prashant Gupta, recipient of Gold Medal for Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Technology Management at ICT, Mumbai.
    • Dr. Shubhendu Bhandari, recipient of best poster, awarded by Materials Chemistry 2016, Valencia, Spain an international conference which was held at Valencia, Spain (31st March-1st April 2016).
    • Dr. Prashant Gupta, recipient of Award for Excellence in International Conference of Polymers on the Frontiers of Science and Technology (APA-2013)
    • Dr. Prashant Gupta, recipient of Best sponsorship and management committee member in organizing a national conference Rangotsav 2012 at the Dept. of Polymer and Surface Coating, ICT, Mumbai.
    • Mr. Ayan Dey, poster award in Poster Presentation at PRC 2012.
    • Dr. Prashant Gupta, recipient of first prize in a national conference “RANGOTSAV 2010” for presenting the solution of Industry Defined Problem on “Economic way of FRP Recycling”
    • Dr. Prashant Gupta, recipient of 1st Prize in national level project competition “DESIGN 07”
    • Deepak Prajapati and Geetanjali Tiwari, recipient of 2nd award in poster category at RANGOTSAV 2017, Dept of Polymer and Surface Engg, ICT, Mumbai.
    • Badal Panchal & Ninad Jethwa, recipient of 1st Prize in Paper presentation for paper entitled “Production and Analysis of sound damping PVC pipe” held at MIT, Pune on 25th March 2015.
    • Badal Panchal, recipient of “Best Performing Student Gold Award,” awarded by Plastindia Foundation in 2015.
    • Dwij Dave & Parth Seth, recipient of 3rd Prize in Paper presentation for paper entitled “Synthesis and Analysis of Phenolic resin made from Bhilawa oil” held at MIT, Pune on 25th March 2015.
    • Akshay Thate & Shyam Tonde, recipient of 1st Prize in Poster Presentation entitled “Extraction and evaluation of Tamarind seed for novel drug delivery system” held at MIT, Pune on 25th March 2015.
    • Ajinkya Thale and Supriya Gaikwad, recipient of 1st prize in poster presentation during ENVISION 2015 at MGM’s JNEC, Aurangabad.
    • Siddharth Mehta, recipient of 1st Prize in review paper on “Synthesis of crude oil from waste plastic” at LIT, Nagpur in MACROTECHNOVISTA, 2015.
    • Mr. Siddhant Bhavsar and Mr. Sachin Wagh bagged second prize in National Level Paper presentation competition in Technothlon 2012, in COETA, Akola.
    •   Faculty members of PPED have conducted lectures in Entrepreneurship Training Programme on Plastic Industry organized by MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Limited, Aurangabad from 21st Feb - 2 March, 2012.
    • Participants of Entrepreneurship Training Programme on Plastic Industry organized by MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Limited, Aurangabad visited our department for practical exposure on equipment and machineries on 5 March, 2012.


    Workshop on "Plastic Product Design & Modeling Using CAD held from 1st To 5 Mar 2016"

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    Faculty Details

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    Teaching Subjects


    Training & Placements

    On campus drive for students in 2015-16 & 2016-17

    Academic Year 2016-17:

    •   Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai: 1 student placed
    •   Balkrishna Tyre Industries, Bhuj, Gujarat: 5 students placed
    •   Cosmo Films Ltd, Waluj, Aurangabad: 3 students placed
    •   SSS Coatings Pvt. Ltd., Pune: 1 student placed
    •   Vijay Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd., Waluj, Aurangabad: 1 student placed
    •   Sanjay Techno Plast Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai: 1 student placed
    •   Motherson Automotive Technologies & Engineering, Chakan, Pune: 1 student placed
    •   Anil Plastics & Enterprises, Bhosari, Pune: 2 students placed
    •   Darshan Plastics Pvt Ltd., Waluj, Aurangabad: 1 student placed

    Academic Year 2015-16:

    •   Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai : 2 students placed
    •   Balkrishna Tyre Industries, Bhuj, Gujarat: 6 students placed
    •   Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai: 3 students placed
    •   Positive Packaging Industries Ltd., Mumbai: 6 students placed
    •   Allianz Tyre Group, Mumbai: 3 students placed
    •   Varroc Elastomers Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad: 1 student placed
    •   Sudarsshan Pollyalloys Pvt Ltd., Waluj, Aurangabad: 1 student placed
    •   Supreme Petrochemicals Ltd., Mumbai: 1 student placed
    BKT Campus Drive 29 April 2016-17
    Campus Drive for Reliance Industries Ltd 2016-17
    Off Campus Selection for Cosmo Films Ltd 2016-17
    Campus for Gharda Chemicals Ltd _2015-16
    Campus for Positive Packaging Industries Ltd_2015-16
    Campus for Reliance Industries Ltd _2015-16


    The Department has following laboratories:

    •   Project Laboratory
    •   Design Laboratory
    •   Mechanical Operation Laboratory
    •   Polymer Processing Laboratory
    •   Rubber technology Laboratory
    •   MIT-Shimadzu Analytical Testing Laboratory
    •   Polymer Testing Laboratory
    •   Chemical Engineering Laboratory
    •   Organic Chemistry
    •   Polymer Synthesis


    Workshop and Conferences
    • Six days Certificate course on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy on FTIR was organized by the Department of Plastics and Polymer Engineering during February 20-25, 2017.
    • National Conference on “Materials for Advanced Technology and Application (MATA 2016)” with support of SERB, DST, Govt. of India and in association with AIPMA was organized by the Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering at MIT, Aurangabad during September 20-21, 2017.
    • Five days Workshop on Plastic Product Design and Modeling using CAD was organized by Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering at departmental Design Lab during March 1-5, 2016.
    • Six days Certificate course on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy on FTIR was organized by the Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering during February 1-6, 2016.
    • Four days Workshop on Analytical Testing and Characterization was organized by Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering during February1-6 2016.
    • Department of Plastic and Polymer Engineering organized a national symposium, POLYXPLORE-14 from April 4-5, 2014.
    • National Symposium on "Poly-Plast Advance Technology" during April 4-5, 2014.
    • Workshop on Career and Business Opportunity in plastic and Rubber- March 30 and 31, 2012.
    • National Symposium on "Bioplastics and Biopolymers" during March 1-2, 2011.
    • National Conference on “Recent Advances In Polymers” during August 17-18, 2010.


    MIT- Centre for Industry Relevance in Polymer Science and Technology (M-CIP)

    The objectives of M-CIP are :

    • Establish Training Center for all plastics manufacturing processes
    • Provide maximum facility to new comers in advanced industrial research and      innovations
    • Provide support to the industry by training to students and industrial people

    Alumni Testimonials

    Mr. Manish Panchal, Technical Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd.

    "“This is a glorious moment for me when I am writing few words about my college. M.I.T has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself academically as well as to secure a place in the corporate with its best placement services.

    M.I.T provides us with well-equipped library, laboratories, internet facilities, which has been constantly of great support. The guest lectures and training programme organized by M.I.T are really a boon to all the students.

    The placement department provided lot of support to find a place in the corporate by organizing various personality development classes and industry oriented training and bringing world class companies at campus placements”

    Mr. Rahul Kundalwar, Technical Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd.

    “The quality of teaching and support which I got from college was beyond my expectation.

    Not only academics but effects taken by college staff for overall development of students is the major plus point of college; which is required in today’s competitive scenario.

    No doubt MIT has really helped me to groom myself as a better person and made me capable to face todays corporate world challenges.”

    Ms. Ashvini Gavhale, Engineer-Analytics, Reiter India Pvt. Ltd.

    First of all, I would like to present my gratitude towards MIT and PPE department staff which made me to grow in my life.

    The environment at MIT was safe, professional, friendly and caring. Advance teaching like providing PPT & video of subjects for better understanding as well as assignments were given to clear topics. Students were always motivated by events like model making competition, seminars, workshops, and poster presentation activities. Group Projects with seminars during College taught leadership, team work, management skills. Training and placement office at MIT provides in-plant training to get industrial experience to start professional career as well as yearly campus recruitments.

    It is noteworthy to mention that still we are connected to MIT because teaching staff always cares for student professional growth and also provides a good opportunity to the students. Staff members personally look into students’ problems with helping hands.

    MIT is really good college to recommend another student for sophisticated learning and improve practical knowledge also. I always feel great as being part of MIT.

    Mr. Vivek Damani, Square One, Entrepreneur

    “Expressing my gratitude to MIT-Aurangabad for aiding me hone my technical skills and knowledge whilst striking a perfect balance between classroom studies and industrial training. Highly experienced & trained professors along with fully functional practical labs & fulfilling on campus placements into SME's and Large Corporates like Reliance Ind. Ltd. & Supreme Petrochem Ltd. to name a few, makes our department highly valued on MIT campus.

    Mr. Akash M.Wankhade, Technical Engineer, BKT Industries Ltd.

    It was great pleasure to complete my graduation in Maharashtra institute of Technology, Aurangabad. As far as Institution is concerned MIT stands as one of the top engineering college. Regarding to the infrastructure, the college has good classrooms, sports club, library, college ground and all the basic facilities needed for the students. Placement is too good, near about all students get job after completion of course. Campus placement is awesome, some name of prominent companies visited are BKT-Tires Ltd, Reliance Ind. Ltd, Varroc Ind. Ltd, Cosmo Films Ltd. etc. One most important feature of this course is that college is providing in-plant training in 8th semester which is one of the best part of this course. This will give us practical knowledge as well as higher possibility to get placed. MIT gave me a very good plat- form to make my carrier. I am very grateful to MIT institution & faculty for their guidance.

    Thank you very much "MIT" !!!!

    Dwij Dave, Technical Engineer, Positive Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

    My learning experience with PPE Department has been very enriching. The department is having advance machines like FTIR, DSC in Shimadzu lab, which enabled me to walk in-line with industry after my graduation. My foundation of concepts became so strong , that I managed to crack GATE. Focus on R&D during project helped me cultivate a research oriented mind .Interactive teaching method and focus on all round development improved my presentation and inter- personal skills to a great extent. After graduation, I got accustomed to professional life very easily.