G.S. Mandal's

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (BAMU), Aurangabad(MS)

(Accredited with "Grade A" by NAAC)


Thermal Engineering lab

Thermal Engineering lab comes under Mechanical Engineering Department. It is the core lab for mechanical engineering department. This lab is utilized by First year and second year students for Basic mechanical engineering and Thermodynamics subjects respectively. This lab is also being used by M.Tech students for their research work.

Major Equipments : Two stage air compressor test rig Model of Babcock boiler Model of Locomotive boiler

Theory of Machines Lab

Objectives of this Theory of Machines Lab are to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood.

Number of Equipment: 12

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory

The lab is equipped with 8 Practical oriented experimental set ups to impart practical knowledge for various refrigeration and air conditioning systems and their tools. The lab caters to the diversified needs of students and faculties alike in the broader areas of various vapours compression systems, their applications in air conditioning systems and leak detection and charging of refrigerants.

Number of Equipment : 08

Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Laboratory

Measurements is the bottom line of manufacturing, hence Measurement Laboratory is the basic need of a Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical engineering department is incomplete without Measurement Laboratory.

Number of Equipments :31

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Heat transfer laboratory is one of the core laboratories in the curriculum of mechanical engineering. The curriculum of Mechanical Engineering contains heat transfer in the VII th semester. This lab is used for the Heat Transfer course. Heat Transfer laboratory provides fundamental and industrial knowledge about modes of heat transfer, like conduction, convection and radiation, and their application. Students are expected to develop the different skills/understanding upon the successful completion of experiment/s in the lab.

Number of Equipment : 09

Research laboratory

Research laboratory provides a platform to UG & PG students for various academic projects. This laboratory is also utilized for practical purpose for courses like CAD/CAM/CAE, Computational Techniques etc.

Number of Computers : 48

Metallurgy Laboratory

The Metallurgy Laboratory imparts hands-on training equipment’s for the Core Course Engineering Metallurgy under Mechanical Engineering. The UG students of Third year are given hands-on training of various equipment’s in this lab. This laboratory is also used by UG and PG Students undergoing their academic projects. In this laboratory we will be exposing to various aspects of phase diagrams, microstructure, quantitative metallographic techniques .We will be doing experiments on different types of materials and thereby understanding the phase formation and microstructure of the materials.

Automatic Control Laboratory

The lab is equipped with 8 Practical oriented experimental set ups to impart practical knowledge for various control systems and their components. The lab caters to the diversified needs of students and faculties alike in the broader areas of control systems, sensors, transducers, actuators, temperature controllers, flow controls speed controls through stepper motors and hydraulic and pneumatic actuation systems.

Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory

In I. C. Engines laboratory performance of Engines is checked /verified by conducting the trial on the Test Rigs.

Number of equipment : 03

Hydraulic Machines Laboratory

This laboratory deals with performance of power generating machines and analyzes different types of power generating machines and understands the working of power absorbing machines and analyses the centrifugal pump.

Number of equipment : 05

Central Workshop

It is the central facility to all the undergraduate students of the institute to learn and utilize the conventional machining facilities prevalent in today’s manufacturing industry.

Number of equipment : 175

Mechatronics Lab

Centre of Excellence for Automation and Mechatronics is formulated under the MIT Group of Institutions with collaboration of Siemens-Technik Academy, Germany in the year 2013. Established Training facility to develop human resources in the area of Industrial Automation in Marathwada region.

Number of equipment : 07