G.S. Mandal's

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (BAMU), Aurangabad(MS)

(Accredited with "Grade A" by NAAC)


Lab No: 301-A
Electrical Measurements Lab

To understand the correct function of electrical parameters and calibration of voltage, current, single phase and three phase power and energy, and measurement of electrical characteristics of resistance, inductance and capacitance of a circuits through appropriate methods.

Lab No: 103-B
Network Analysis Lab/MP & MC Lab

Networks Analysis Lab- To enhance the understanding of electric circuits, network theorems, AC passive circuits, electronic measurement instruments. MP & MC Lab-To gain the practical hands on experience of programming the 8086 microprocessor and 8051 microcontroller and also to gain knowledge on interfacing of different peripherals to microprocessor.

Lab No: 103-C
Electrical Machines Lab/Electrical Drives Lab

Electrical Machines Lab- To expose the students to the operation of DC & AC machines and give them experimental skill on machines. Electrical Drives Lab-To provide the basic practical knowledge in the application of power electronics in electrical drives and machines.

Lab / Digital Class Room Number: 112
Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

Basic Electrical Engineering- To construct some simple electrical circuits which illustrate the concepts of current, potential, and resistance, and to gain familiarity with the use of a measuring devices. Power Systems lab- To practically verify several concepts and procedures learned in power system modeling and analysis. And also to carry out system studies using state of the art power systems analysis to assess system operation in steady state and under faulted conditions.

Lab No: 113
Power Electronics Lab/Analog and Digital Circuit Lab

Power Electronics Lab- To obtain characteristics of power electronic devices and to understand the commutation techniques used in power electronics circuits and also to test different power electronics converters.Analog & Digital Circuits Lab- To provide an understanding of basic analogue and digital electronics by practical experimentation and help student to develop techniques of using various instruments and data analysis skills at an introductory level.