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Basic Sciences & Humanities

The primary objective of Basic Sciences and Humanities Department is to provide platform and launch pad for all engineering Streams being explored in our institute. Basic Sciences and Humanities Department provides the initial skills and knowledge of all engineering streams to solve various problems.

The department comprises of subjects like Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics I, Engineering Mathematics II, Development of Skills (I), Environment and Ecology in first year academics and, Engineering Mathematics III, Engineering Mathematics IV, Development of Skills (II) in second year academics. The department offers excellent infrastructure and resources in the form of highly qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated faculty members. The laboratories in the department are well equipped and able to cater the academia prescribed in the university syllabi. A special facility of "GOLS" is created to facilitate advance learning of soft skills.

The department is involved in a number of technical and co-curricular activities encouraging students to broaden their horizons of thought process, innovate and implement their ideas through the annual events like SciClone.

From HOD's Desk

Welcome to the department of Basic Sciences and Humanities at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad. Department aims to build strong foundation for engineering subjects by transferring knowledge for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Development of Skills.

The department has well equipped state of the art Laboratories for subjects like Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Multimedia Language Lab which provides opportunity to students to gain practical knowledge of the subjects. The software available in the Language laboratory facilitates students to enhance their soft skill. Department has well furnished Class room which includes Pearson digital class room. The department has qualified and experienced faculty which constantly strive to give the best of their knowledge to the students and keep them up-to-date in this competitive era.

The department conducts an annual technical event “Sci-clone” on the occasion of National Science day every year on 28th of February for first year students of engineering colleges affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. In Sci-clone Science project exhibition is organized for School going students every year. This platform provides fresh technocrats an opportunity to showcase their skills in a very initial stage of their professional education.

The department also has a Teacher Guardian scheme, a step through which the department takes care of first year students to be comfortable in the new atmosphere and to be an integral part of this institute. The department organizes expert lectures, seminars of eminent personalities and educational visit for First year students.

The first year students are motivated to take social and environmental initiatives and also participate in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities on a large scale. The department has always been inspirational in motivating the first year students to participate in national events and activities which gives them not only technical and social perspective but also teaches them team spirit.

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  • Program Outcomes
    • PO1 - Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering .
    • PO2 - Identify, formulate and analyze engineering problems.
    • PO3 - Design the system components or processes to meet desired needs such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety.
    • PO4 - Use research based knowledge and research methods to provide valid conclusions.
    • PO5 - Use the techniques and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practices.
    • PO6 - Apply contextual knowledge to access societal health and safety issues.
    • PO7 - Understand impact of agricultural engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts
    • PO8 - Apply professional ethics and responsibilities.
    • PO9 - Function effectively as an individual and as a leader.
    • PO10 - Communicate effectively on agricultural engineering activities with engineering community and society at large.
    • PO11 - Understand and apply engineering and management principles to manage projects
    • PO12 - Engage in lifelong learning process with the context of technological change
    Staff Achievements
    • Prof.S.P.Kodgire- Attended Two week ISTE STTP on CMOS Mixed Signal and Radio Frequency VLSI Design conducted by IIT Kharagpur at Remote centre MIT
    • Dr.B.G.Toksha-Completed and received certificate of excellence for "Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning" faculty development course offered by IIT Bombay.
    • Dr.B.G.Toksha-Completed with high grades "Educational Technology for Engineering Teachers" online MOOC offered by IIT Bombay. Attended 24th International Conference on Computers in Education, held between 28th Nov – 2nd Dec., 2016 IIT Bombay, Bombay
    • Mr.A.B.Bagul- Attended “One day work shop on-Aptitude Skills & How to face Interview”, organized by MBA Department of MIT College in association with T.I.M.E. Aurangabad
    • Mr.S.S.Patil - Presented paper in International conference on Mathematical Analysis and its applications organized by Dayanand Science College, Latur during 5-9 March, 2017
    • Mr.S.S.Patil- Presented a Research Paper on, “Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complete Metric Space Via Weakly Commuting Mappings”, in National Level Seminar on Recent Development in Mathematics, on 24th January-2017 at Rajarshi Shahu Art’s, Commerce and Science College, Pathri(Phulambri), Dist-Aurngabad.
    • Dr. Arti Rushi - Attended workshop on “Indian Patents: A Comprehensive Outreach” organized by DDUKK, Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad
    • Ms.N.NGadekar - Attended workshop on “Indian Patents: A Comprehensive Outreach” organized by DDUKK, Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad
    • Mr. Abhijit Gurav- Attended workshop on “Indian Patents: A Comprehensive Outreach” organized by DDUKK, Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad
    • Mr.S.S.Patil- Presented a Research Paper on, “A Note On Development Of Metric Fixed Point Theory”, in international workshop Recent Trends In Mathematics on 15th & 16th July-016 at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur, Dist-Osmanabad.
    • Mr.S.G.Hiwale- Attended workshop ‘‘Understanding Application of Mathematics in Engineering Discipline’’ at Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune on 23rd to 28th Nov. 2015.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali - Presented research paper on “English Teacher’s Positive Language Leads to Positive Changes in Students in Classroom” in International Conference at Amity University, Lucknow.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali -Presented research paper on “Impact of culture on English Language Teaching and Learning in India” in National Seminar at Maulana Azad College, Aurangabad.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali - Presented and published research paper on “The Impact of Mass Media on Indian Folk Culture and forms of Communication” in International Conference at Indira Gandhi College, Nanded.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali -Presented and published research paper on “Analysis of Skills Development Report-2016 for Employability of the Youth: Key Initiatives in India” in International Conference at CSRD, Ahmednagar.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali - Participated in the workshop on ‘Interpersonal Communication Skills’ organized by CMIA, Aurangabad.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali -Participated in the Campus Connect Deep Dive Faculty Enablement Programme on Negotiation Skills and Soft Skills organized by Infosys at Solapur.  Mr.N.B.Gawali- Participated in the workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Workshop’ organized by IIM, Ahmedabad.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali- Presented research paper on ‘A Cognitive Approach to the Teaching of English Literature’ in National Seminar organized by Rafiq Zakaria Centre for Higher Learning &Advanced Research, Aurangabad.
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali – Published research paper on 'Impact of Internet on English Language Teaching’ in international journal ‘Information and Research Trends’ Multilingual International Refereed Journal of Advanced Information, Literature and Social Sciences. (ISSN 2320-2327) Volume – V, Issue –II, Sept, 2014
    • Mr.N.B.Gawali- Completed M.Phil. in 2014 entitled as “ The Impact of the Internet on English Language Teaching”
    • Mr.A.B.Bagul- Attended DDFEP Workshop by INFOSYS at Solapur in the year 2014
    • Prof.A.B.Bagul- Attended DDFEP Workshop by INFOSYS at Pandharpur in the year 2014
    • Mr.A.B.Bagul- Attended Soft Skills Workshop by INFOSYS at Aurangabad in the year 2013
    • Mr.S.P.Patil- Attended workshop on “Application Of Engineering Mathematics” on 11 Feb 2012 Marathawada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad.
    • Mr.Shaikh Zameer H.- Attended workshop on “Application Of Engineering Mathematics” Marathawada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad. in the year Feb 2012
    • Mr.Shaikh Zameer.H.- Awarded Gold Medal for securing highest number of marks in M.Sc.(Pure Mathematics) from Department of mathematics, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,Aurangabad on 14th January 2012.
    Students Achievements
    • Student of FY A, Mr. Omkar Bahiwal developed 3 apps : Sci-clone event, Techobitz event, Lecture alert
    • Yugantar Pohare (FY A) and Chinmay Zinge (FY B) created a video on ‘Sci-clone 2k17’ and uploaded on youtube.
    • FY A students Rushikesh Shete, Naman Chakrawarti, Kalpak Wabale, Ahutosh Bagadia reached in second level of International Non-technical Quiz Competition organized by Rotaract Club.
    • Chetan Sonawane (FY B) secured 1st prize in ROBO SUMO organized by participated in Event NIRMAAN for Robo Sumo competition held at Zeal college of Engineering and Research, Pune on 20-22Feb 2017.
    • Avinash Mishra, Chetan Sonawane (FY B) got second prize in ROBO SUMO organized by SPECTRA during 27-29 Jan, 2017
    • Sushant Nandokar (FY C), Ashutosh Gawande(FY E), Rohit Bahadure (FY E), Kaustubh Kolhe (FY E), Avinash Mishra (FY B) participated in Event NIRMAAN for ROBO SUMO competition held at Zeal college of Engineering and Research, Pune on 20-22Feb 2017.
    • Students of FY E, Kautubh Kolhe, Ashutosh Gawande participated in the event ROBO SUMO of PRAGYAA 2017, A national technical festa of Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded held on 3-5 March, 2017
    • Students of FY B, Avinash Mishra, Chetan Sonawane participated in Aquadrifter organized by SPECTRA during 27-29 Jan, 2017
    • Students of FY B, Avinash Mishra, Chetan Sonawane participated in ROBO SOCCER organized by STECHNOVANZA at VJTI




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    Laboratory Details-Physics Lab

    About Lab: The Engineering Physics Laboratory aims at providing hands-on-experience to the students on the physical principles which underlie the basics of Engineering and Technology.

    Students perform experiments based on the theory learned in the classrooms on wide area of Optics, LASERS, Basic Electronics, Modern Physics, Materials Science and Architectural Acoustics.

    On performance of these experiments students learn

    •   Skills of performing an experiment
    •   Analysis and evaluation of experimental data.
    •   Comparison between the theoretical models and experimental data
    Laboratory Details-Chemistry Lab

    About Lab: Engineering Chemistry laboratory is the place where students realize the chemical reactions studied in the theory. The details of handling skills and safety measures of various chemicals and equipment's are inculcated in the behavior of students. Students perform experiments based on the theory learned in the classrooms on wide area of Fuels, Lubricants, Water, Electrochemistry and Polymers. With the help of practical knowledge students learn, to analyze and interpret the experimental data and apply the same in various disciplines.

    Laboratory Details-Language Lab

    Multimedia Language Laboratory has been set up under the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities. It improves the students’ Professional English Communication Skills as well as Soft Skills. This facility is making the students’ English Communication and Personality more polished.

    Language Lab activities build the students’ confidence, group dynamics, and street smartness.

    GOLS Language Lab and Soft Skills Software enable the students to improve their place ability and employability skills. Lab is well equipped and well established. It has state of the art infrastructure.

    Each Computer system has audio-video and recording students’ voice quality testing facility. The students deliver their presentations with the help of LCD projector and audio system. Lab activities motivate the students through language fun and mind power games to make learning process interesting.


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