G.S. Mandal's

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (BAMU), Aurangabad(MS)

(Accredited with "Grade A" by NAAC)


Industrial Visits

  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • Jain Irrigations Systems, Ltd., Jalgaon

    Objective: To get acquainted with prospect of aseptic processing line and individual quick freezing processing of fruits.
    Key points about visit: This visit help out to know about hygiene and sanitation practices, aseptic packaging in bulk quantity and individual quick freezing process plays vital role in preserving the food product without preservative or as a natural fruit pulp.


    MGM Food Processing Pilot Plant, Aurangabad

    Objective : To get acquainted with prospect of fruit processing line and actual demonstration working machines.
    Key points about visit: Students learned about canning of fruits, quality parameters analyzed and actual packaging under hermetically sealed conditions required for canning.


    WALMI, Aurangabad (19-08-2017)

    Objective: The main objective of the visit to Water & Land Management Institute, Aurangabad on 19-08-2017 was to get the students acquainted of various micro Irrigation systems and instruments installed at the Meteorological laboratory like rain gauge, sunshine recorder.
    Key Key Points:
    1. Students got the knowledge how rain fall is measured by recording and non recording rain gauges.
    2. During the visit the students got the practical knowledge of micro irrigation system installation in the field.


    Ralegan Siddhi

    Objective: The prime objective of the visit to Ralegan Siddhi, Ahmednagar on 19-07-2017 was to make the students aware about the various soil and water conservation practices being adopted by the people by using locally available natural resources for the overall sustainable development of the area.
    Key Points:
    1. During this visit students visited the SWCE sites constructed in the village under different schemes and got the practical knowledge about these structures.
    2. The students interacted with Honorable Anna Hazare Ji during this visit and got technical knowledge from how the people of the village has adopted the practices of SWCE.
    3. They also visited the media center in of the village and got to know about the history of the village before and after the inception of soil and water conservation programs in the village.


    Takli Farm, Aurangabad (24-01-2017)

    Objective: This filed was conducted to the Takli Farm, Aurangabad on 24-01-2017 to give the handholding training to the students about ploughing of a field with the tractor, hitching of an implement with tractor and different implements used in the agricultural field for carrying out various filed operations.

    Key points about visit:
    1. The students during the visit were given hands on training of ploughing a field. 2. They were given practical knowledge about the adjustments in M.B Plough.
    3. Hey were given training about the hitching of implements with the tractor.


  • Ankita Agro Industries, Aurangabad

    Objective : The purposes of the field visit that to know the all manufacturing processes, fabrication and design of field equipment which are perform in the Ankita Agro Engineering workshop So as to get exposure to students of Agricultural Engineering

    Key points about visit: In this visit students get the actual knowledge of how design and drawings of agricultural machineries are utilized in development and fabrication. Students get to know about the performance evaluation of agricultural machineries in actual practice.


    Nath Seeds, Aurangabad

    Objective: To learn seeds and food products processing in the industry.
    Key points about visit: The industry produces, processes and markets the seeds of various agricultural crops Industry has various equipment like separator, hot air dryer, chemical coating and storage facility.


    Sericulture Unit,Dongargaon, Phulambri, Aurangabad

    Objective :To learn sericulture practically. To evaluate the cost economics in the field.
    Key points about visit:
    1. Sericulture site was at Dongargaon in phulambri
    2. Visited 4 sites of different farmers in the same village
    3. Cocoons are observed and seen first time by the students


    Godavari Dairy, Kopargaon

    Objective: To get practical knowledge of milk processing and dairying activities for comprehensive understanding of the theoretical concepts.
    Key points about visit: After visiting the plant the students were well versed with knowledge of process chain involved in the industry, machineries used, contents of the milk, supply chain and the scope of dairy industry.


    Kubota Tractor Industry

    Objective: The purposes of the Industry visit that to know the all working system of Tractor and different field Machineries. So as to get exposure to students of S.Y & T.Y B.Tech Agricultural Engineering.

    Key points about visit: During the visit the students learned about dismantling and assembling of different tractor system. Students received hands on practice and know the working of different transmission system of tractor and learn many things during the visit.


    Deogiri Dairy, Aurangabad

    Objective: The aim of conducting this visit to Deogiri Mahanand Dairy, Aurangabad on 25-03-2017 was to provide demonstration of various advanced equipment’s used in the process chain for the processing and preservation of Milk and Milk products.
    Key points about visit:
    1. Students learned the milk procuring policy in the dairy from milk providers
    2. Students received the practical experience of on-line tests carried out for determining the quality and acceptance of milk
    3. Students get familiarized with the processing of milk and the equipments involved in the processing of milk