G.S. Mandal's

Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (BAMU), Aurangabad(MS)

(Accredited with "Grade A" by NAAC)


Lab No: 203
Farm Machinery And Power Engineering Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• To acquaint and equip with the latest design procedures of farm power and machinery systems
• FMP lab working on development of equipments to reduce drudgery, crop production improvement, quality work, quickliness in farm operation.

Lab No: 204
Soil And Water Conservation Engineering Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• Study of soil erosion problems caused by natural erosive agents
• 2. To study various agronomical and mechanical measures for control soil & water conservation
• 3.To refine the understanding of the patterns and processes of water movement, storage and transformation in the environment.

Lab No: 205
Agricultural Process Engineering Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• To carry out the primary processing on agricultural commodity
• Apply the post harvest technologies and management practices for extending the shelf life of agricultural commodities

Lab No: 206
Post Graduate Research Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of food and food products
• Quality control and assessment of safety of foods

Lab No: 207
Soil And Water Testing Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• Analysis of soil, water, fertilizer and other agricultural inputs
• Provide the analytical facilities to farmers, industry and students
• Use infrastructure for consultancy, training and research projects

Lab No: 208
Agricultural Meteorology Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• Generate meteorological/climate data on regular basis and utilize this to frame conclusions
• Monitoring of air quality of premises
• Create training modules for skill developments in students

Lab No: 212
Food Engineering Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• To study various machineries, equipments and layout of food processing industry

Lab No: 215
Dairy Technology Laboratory

Objective Of Lab :
• To impart hands-on-training/Experiential learning on Processing of Milk & Milk Products in a commercial environment to sharpen their technical as well as managerial skills thereby enhancing the professional confidence.