Vlabs and BootCamp

About Virtual Labs & BootCamp


The NMEICT Virtual Labs project has at this time created ~117 labs (1 Lab is a collection of 8-10 experiments) covering concepts in various engineering and science curricula.

These can be accessed at http://vlabs.iitb.ac.in/vlab/


However there remains a need for additional content to be created, primarily to fill gaps in syllabi, but also towards developing improved versions of content already hosted. Consequently, we encourage Lab Developers to come forward to develop such content.

The expected Outcome

To facilitate creation of such content, we are conducting this Boot Camp.

We expect that this will enable collaborative development of content, with Developers both seeking and sharing best technology and pedagogy practices.

And guess what ?

to make your ideas flow into experiment creation smoothly, we have designed the Boot Camp in a way that there is no prior programming knowledge required.

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More about Virtual Labs Visit : http://vlabs.iitb.ac.in/vlab/