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Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of computer Engineering was formed with the primary objective of providing quality education in the field of Computer & Information Technology, while addressing the problems of present & future. Strength of the department lies in the highly motivated staff and students who understand the dynamics of the industry and hone their skills accordingly. Keeping in the view syllabus of this department is highly matching with the today's requirements. There are subjects like Cloud Computing, Smart Phone Programming, Business Intelligence, Mainframe, Portable Computer (Laptops and Tablets) maintenance, Real Time Systems and many more. There is six months compulsory in plant training to every student in eighth semester. Department has industrial association with Infosys, Microsoft, ProEd Banglore, Expert systems. Students are getting industry interaction by visiting these companies and getting six months training in various companies.


To develop the department as a center of excellence in the field of computer science and engineering by imparting knowledge & training to the students for meeting growing needs of the industry & society.


Providing quality education through a well designed curriculum in tune with the challenging needs of software industry by providing state of the art facilities and to impart knowledge in the thrust areas of computer science and engineering.

Program Educational Objectives
  •   To prepare the students to achieve success in Computing Domain to create individual careers, innovations or to work as a key contributor to the private or Government sector and society.
  •   To develop the ability among the students to understand Computing and mathematical fundamentals and apply the principles of Computer Science for analyzing, designing and testing software for solving problems.
  •    To empower the students with ability to quickly reflect the changes in the new technologies in the area of computer software, hardware, networking and database management.
  •   To promote the students with awareness for lifelong learning, introduce them to professional practice, ethics and code of professionalism to remain continuous in their profession and leaders in technological society.
Program Specific Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Graduates will be able to:

  •   Identify appropriate data structures and algorithms for a given contextual problem and also develop programs to design and implement web applications.
  •   Design and manage the large databases and develop their own databases to solve real world problems and to design, build ,manage networks and also apply wireless techniques in mobile based applications.
  •   Design a variety of computer-based components and systems using computer hardware, system software, systems integration process and use standard testing tools for assuring the software quality.
Program Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Graduates will be able to:

  •   Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals to solve problems in Computer science and Engineering.
  •   Identify, formulate and analyze complex problems.
  •   Design system components or processes to meet the desired needs within realistic constraints for the public health and safety,cultural,societal and environmental considerations.
  •   Use research based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments,analysis and interpretation of data for valid conclusions.
  •   Select and apply modern engineering tools to solve the complex engineering problem.
  •   Apply knowledge to assess contemporary issues.
  •   Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  •   Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities.
  •   Work effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings.
  •   Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and apply engineering and management principles to manage projects and in multi disciplinary environment.
  •   To engage in life-long learning to adopt to the technological changes.

Department has following training activities for development of students:

  •   Infosys soft skill programs
  •   Infosys technical programs
  •   Mainframe training programs
  •   IIT Certificate programs on Latex, MySQL, and PHP etc
  •   Linux training programs
  •   Java and Advanced Java
  •   Microsoft .NET training programs
  •   Cloud computing using Windows Azure
  •   Smart phone programming using Phone 7 and Androids

Apart from college level facilities students are getting following departmental facilities:

  •   Departmental library and e-library
  •   Department student association(ACTS) for overall development of individual students
  •   Extra practical sessions to provide better hands on to the students
  •   Full speed internet access
  •   10 various laboratories

The Department endeavors to produce confident professionals tuned to real time working environment as a result of which many of our students are placed in various reputed industries like Infosys, IBM, REDHAT, iGate Patani with a very good salary package. Many students are studying abroad for pursuing higher qualification from the reputed institutions.

This department is also running post graduate program MTech. Student strength of this program is 24 seats. The unique feature of program is students are getting training on research methodology, Performance Evaluation and Optimization techniques, Advance Image Processing, Real Time Java Programming, Parallel Computing, Business Intelligence and Software Reliability. After getting coaching on these subjects, students are getting exposed and motivated for various research fields.

Red-Hat Academy
  •  Aim: To Create an intellectual Human resource in the domain of open source. More than 200+ students have completed the training and certification program in last couple of years. All the certified students are working in various industries like Red Hat, Infosys, IBM, TCS and many more.
  •  Certification and Training

      RHCSA (Red hat Certified System Administrator)

      RHCE (Red hat Certified Engineer)

      RHV (Red Hat Virtualization)

      CL210 (Open Stack)

      Storage Administrator
  • Training to the students under following track.

       A. Big Data

       B. Machine Learning

       C. Data Analytics.
      Total 60 students have learn the big data and big data analytics tools from cloud Era. Mr. Prashant Khosre and Ms. Daivashala Deshmukh providing the training to the students.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering had organized the two days State level Event TechnoMIT- 2017. Objective of organizing event for students is , the candidate has to be involved in more and some more studies. In order to learn something more apart from the theoretical knowledge, the students can enhance their knowledge by participating in technical event organized by college, also to provide platform to the students to explore their skills like communication, administration, coordination , team work, etc. The state level event TechnoMit- 2017 had been inaugurated by Mr. Muktak Joshi who is the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ticket Utils, Inc. – NJ, USA. The Principal Dr. S. P. Bhosale , Head of the department Ms. K.V. Bhosle, HODs from other department , faculty members and students were present for the inaugural function In this event more than 250 Students participated from different cities such as pune, jalna, parbhani, jintur, kannad, aurangabad etc.

Industrial Visit- Infosys

Infosys campus tour Department of CSE organized Industrial Visit to Infosys, Pune on 21st January 2017 for TY and MTech and MBA Students. Visit was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Respected Principal Dr. S.P. Bhosle and It was supported by HOD Prof. K.V.Bhosle along with faculties. 44 students from TYCSE, 02 students from M.Tech CST, 02 students from MBA and 4 staff visited the Infosys.

" MIT Rural Reach Program"- A MIT and BTECH-CSE Initiative

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List of Paper Published in National / International Journals





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List of Paper Published in National / International Conference


Network security: Role of software engineering

Conference Name

 National level conference of IETE Aurangabad in Jan 2004


Role of redundancy to increase reliability of software .

Conference Name

International  conference Organised by Dept .of IT  of Dr.B.A.M.U. Aurangabad and IEEE

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In memory data base system for embedded system

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Elsevier  International  conference ICRTET-14 at SNJB Chandwad

Professional Membership

Secretory of CSI Aurangabad Chapter 

Member of BOS Dr.B.A.Mu.University,Auranagabad

Member of CSI

Achievements and Awards

Won the Silver Award of Infosys Campus Connect program-2013

Teaching Subjects

Real Time Systems for ME Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Network protocol Design for ME(CSE/SE)




OFF-Campus Placement Details For 2015-16

  •   Xoriant Solutions Private Limited, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   3DPLM Software Solutions Limited, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Pronova Inc (under ValuD), Au.Bad - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Enrich Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Aurangabad - 1 Student Placed.
  •   JetSynthesis Private Limited, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   ValuD Softwares Private Limited, Aurangabad - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Expert Global Solutions,Aurangabad - 1 Student Placed.
  •   ERP Solutions - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Clover Infotech, Mumbai - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Magarpatta City, SEZ, Tower7, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Intern at RedHat, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Citius Tech, Navi Mumbai - 1 Student Placed
  •   Shraddha Infotech, Pune - 1 Student Placed.
  •   Tmsbiit Tech, Mumbai - 1 Student Placed.

Infosys Campus Connect Program

  • Aim: To Create an intellectual Human resource in upcoming technologies
  • Objectives: Make our students more competent in this tune Infosys introduce campus connect program for the engineering college students. Infosys Campus Connect Activities
  • Till Date 2000+ students have completed the foundation program, softskill program, Introduction to mainframe system, mobile application development, business intelligence etc…
  • Elective subject given by the Infosys 1 I T Essential 2 Introduction to Mainframe System 3 Business Intelligence 4 Mobile Application Development 5 Cloud Computing


The Department has following laboratories:

  •   Database Lab
  •   Computer Programming II Lab
  •   Advanced Computing Lab
  •   Research Lab
  •   Computer Software Lab
  •   Computer Design Lab
  •     Linux Lab
  •     Computer Network Lab
  •   Computer Hardware & Microprocessor Lab
  •   Project Lab
  •   Computer Center